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Sorry it's been sooooo long!! Summer at Smallsea 2012

Sorry it has been so long since I've posted but we've been very busy both with Smallsea and with selling our house and renovating/moving to the new house.  The latter is still going on, but we are finally seeing light at the end of that tunnel.  Hopefully, construction will be completed by mid July and we can move ( for a second time!) from the interim rental house to our new home in Carmel Valley, California. 
Summer has arrived. The sun is shining and the mild weather is here.  At Smallsea, we are getting ready for two events: the Summer Open House and Sidewalk Sale and the new special exhibit, Summer Market.  The Open House and Sidewalk Sale will take place on Saturday, June 23 from 12 to 5.  We will have lots and lots of bargains and some fun minis for summer projects.  We are hoping to start a local miniatures club for the Central Coast.  At the Open House there will be a sign up sheet for those interested in joining.  The Barnyard Shopping Village has agreed to provide an excellent space for monthly gatherings.  The club will have space to mingle and chat as well as work on projects and have a light dinner.  Smallsea will assist in whatever is needed to get the club off and running but we are looking for an individual to head this up and a couple of other people to help with the monthly planning. 
On Smallsea's agenda for the summer is a new special exhibit, Summer Market.  This will start, hopefully, for the Open House if not very close to that date.  The Market will consist of stalls and market carts with various items and lots of costermongers, vendors and street merchants.  Of course, the Smallsea populace will be out in great numbers to shop and have fun at the Market.  Hope you have the opportunity to visit!
Our building continues. We just completed a large structure that includes on the lower level, "Rhoads Wine and Spirits" and on the upper levels: a gentleman's apt, a spiritualist/seer's apt. Madame Blagojevich, a lady of the evening's apt, and the dance studio of Senor and Senorita Romero.  We have had such a great time working on this big project.  Pictures will be up on the site by the end of June.  Now, we are starting on a 3 shop building which will be finished by the early Fall.  We are relocating some of our smaller shops in this large building to make room for other buildings on our "to do list".  I'll report  our progress as the summer continues.
Watch your miniatures magazines this summer as Smallsea will be featured in American Miniaturist and Dollshouse Magazine (UK).  Hopefully, we will  aslo have the Rhoads Wine and Spirit structure published in the Fall.
We are attending the Miniatura in Birmingham, England in September and look forward to visiting with so many of the artists that have helped with Smallsea.  Please let us know if you are planning to attend.
Have a lovely summer!  Diane B.

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