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Happy Holidays !

Hi everyone, Just back from a week in Chicago ( my other business!) and happy to be back home in Carmel.  So it is time to catch up....
First of all, many thanks to everyone who came by for our Holiday Open House on December 3rd.  It was really fun to see so many friends and to greet new visitors to our little town.  The most fun was after the sun went down.  We turned off the overhead lights and everyone had the opportunity to see Smallsea at night with just its own lights to illuminate.  I will be doing a video before year end of Smallsea at night so everyone who visits the site can also see it.  Additionally, new pictures of our special installation, Ice Skating at Town Hall, will be added.
We plan to hold another "late night" for visitors see Smallsea at night at our first Sidewalk Sale of 2012 on Febrrary 11th.  The hours will be from 12 to 7 that day.  Check back for more details as we get closer to the date.
A reminder to anyone wanting to see the new LED battery operated lights: we have examples of some of the lights in the Smallsea shop for you to see.  We are also taking orders.
Happy Holidays to all and best wishes for a wonderful New Year!
Diane B

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